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‘Fairy Taleの続き’をここに・・・ ‘妖精の歌声’と評される ハイトーンボイスは 情景をあざやかに描き出し、 聴く者すべてを優しく包み込む。 優しさ、ぬくもりを届けるべく、活動中♩


(30秒CM1回15秒CM2回/H ×2週間放映 9:00~0:00)
2013年8月5日〜9月1日 原宿ジョナサン上大型ビジョンにてPV公開。
2014 年ファーストミニアルバム「True Love」発売開始。



Here comes more of the "Fairy Tale" of Yayoi Todo. A soft and mysterious singing voice ,"voice of a fairy", describes beautiful scenery vividly and holds us all gently. Yayoi Todo would love you all to feel tenderness and warmth of her song. 

In July 2013, she debuted with her self-produced first single titled “Here in this place,” a song which cheers up people who are striving for their dreams.

At the same time, a self directed and produced video of her first single “Here in this place” was played on the big screen at Shibuya Crossing. (a 30 second time slot every hour and a 15 sec time slot twice an hour for two weeks from 9 a.m. to 12 midnight)

To date, 500 CDs have been sold in only a matter of one week and the record is still counting. 
The first mini album ‘True Love’ was released in January, 2014.

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